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Quality problems of overcapacity and more urgent to break China Transformer Industry
   Edit:Admin   Browse:690  Date:3/31/2014 

Transformer is an electromagnetic induction interaction, changing the voltage, current and impedance devices. The most basic form of the transformer, including two of the coil wire is wound, and each together with said inductively.

With the continued health of China's rapid economic development, electricity demand continues to grow rapidly. 2011 national total electricity consumption 4.69 trillion kwh, up 11.7 percent over the previous year, consumer demand remains strong. Per capita electricity consumption in 3483 kwh, 351 kwh more than last year, more than the world average. Today, the state has increased investment in power construction, the activation of the transformer market, but at the same time, the influx of a large number of enterprises transformer industry, so that the rapid expansion of production capacity in the industry, some drawbacks also began to appear.

Transformers running low, industrial strength to be improved

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