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Promote the healthy development of six major issues need to improve transformer business
   Edit:Admin   Browse:736  Date:3/31/2014 

Transformer manufacturing business leaders , customers for the use of a transformer there has been a misunderstanding , they believed that the main users are the power sector , as long as a good relationship with these departments can remain invincible in leaps and bounds , and cooked I do not know , in today's era of globalization, market competition , comprehensive application of information technology has become a core improve the viability and competitiveness of the important factors that leaders shallowness information awareness , information technology directly affects the transformer manufacturing industry.

To enable the rapid development of the transformer businesses to health , six issues need to be improved. One is the widespread delivery is not timely , contract compliance rate is not high , due to its production capacity and supply silicon steel led to this result ; second is the widespread quality problems , once qualified products is low, the quality assurance system can not be real implementation ; Third, the low level of supply management , did not establish good relationship , there is no win-win thinking, not even a sound basic business procedures ; Fourth, accounts receivable and inventory occupy a larger proportion of funds , tight liquidity ; Fifth is a digital design and manufacture lower levels in the design , the use of computer-aided design computer programs for less ; market reflects its six is ​​slow , the rapid changes in the market can not make timely coping strategies.

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